Current Release is 0.9.0

Toaster is now linked with a part of GDB 5.0

CVS repository at Sourceforge

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Welcome at Toaster page.

Toaster is a software testing tool which works on GNU/Linux x86 with egcs 1.1.2 compiler and gdb 4.18 (or >).

It's based on a library version of gdb 5.0 (the modification of gdb to build this library is included in the toaster source distribution).

It analyzes executable files using this library and produces gdb script to test application.

You can use it to perform unit test or integration test.

The complete sources of Toaster are now available on this. Please contact me to contribute (I need people ;o)) ).

You can find here binary versions of Toaster for ix86 based GNU/Linux systems (static and dynamic (for Suse 6.4 or equivalent) ).


A tutorial is now available (in English).

Look at the screenshot.

Look at the README in the tar file.

Use the bug report to mail me comments or ideas (or bug report !?!?)

If you want to contribute, mail me. The most wanted features for next versions are :

A new interface with GDB (to replace the librarized GDB by pipe with a running one) .

Interactive mode when executing test script (with an interactive little debugger).

Some batch mode (to rerun saved tests (non regression test), automatically build test campaign from executable).

Update of saved test files when tested application has changed.

Modify the project to integrate it to the GNU project (so respect coding standards, documentation standard etc...)

Your own features are welcome. ;o)

(please look at my personal page)